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How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget

When planning a trip to New Zealand on a budget, it’s important to know when to go, where to stay and how to get there without breaking the bank. After all, wouldn’t you rather spend your money on fun things to do and see rather than on the tedious travel details? To learn the tips and info New Zealand travelers need to stay within budget, then read on.

When to Travel for the Cheapest Airfare

Let’s start with the most big-ticket a part of your trip: plane tickets. Generally speaking, the winter months of April through August are when airfares are lower, or during January and February when Kiwi kids go back to school after break. Avoid the big winter holidays, such as Christmas and New Year’s.

If you can be flexible on when you depart, do sign up for alerts on last-minute airfare deals. If a plane isn’t fully booked, any remaining seats will be sold at a fraction of the full price. Of course, this requires that you be ready to leave on short notice – not always easy to do, especially when you are coming from a different continent, which necessitates longer flight times.

How to Find the Cheapest Hotels

When it comes to hotel rates, they rise and fall based on occupancy. December and January are traditionally favorite months for Kiwis to take a holiday during the summer school break so hotels along the coast tend to fill up quickly. For areas where winter sports are the main attraction, such as Methven (Mount Hutt), Wanaka and Queenstown, that means arriving during the summer months (December – February). Do be aware that many tour operators tend to take their own breaks when there are the fewest visitors arriving in New Zealand (July – August) so you may have a difficult time booking certain tours.

Whenever you decide to visit New Zealand, you either need to book your room well in advance or wait until the last minute on the off chance that the hotel doesn’t fill up as expected.

Compare Car Rental NZ Companies

The same general rules apply to find a car rental company in New Zealand – book during the offseason. Reserving a vehicle such as a campervan will be cheaper during the days of the week when there is less demand from local families enjoying short weekend holidays (Friday – Sunday).

Another thing to consider when you want to find the cheapest car rental in Auckland or elsewhere is how many extras you get for the price. For instance, some car hire companies allow you to pick up your reserved vehicle from the Auckland Airport and return it in an alternate city at no extra charge. You might also be able to take the vehicle, via Interislander Ferry System, from the North Island to the South Island so you can enjoy all of New Zealand; not all companies offer this feature so do check if you are planning a country-wide tour. Sometimes a few dollars’ difference in price is more than made up for in extra perks or features that make your trip more pleasurable and less stressful.

It doesn’t take a big budget to enjoy a fantastic vacation in New Zealand; all it requires is a bit of advance planning and a knowledge of the cheapest times to visit.

Find the Best Travel Deals for Cheap Airfare

To make your travel experiences more economical and pocket-friendly you must search for the best deals while booking your flight tickets. Cruises a bit more luxuriously with that saved money in your kitty.

To find the best deals on cheaper airfares you have to put in a little effort. In the first place, you’ve got to decide your exact budget for your upcoming escapade. If you have enough funds to go for a luxurious and grand traveling expedition then you won’t bother much about the price of airfares. But for the budgeted traveler cheaper airfares are always a wise option.

There are innumerable travel websites offering comparative price charts listing the numerous low-cost airlines and the kind of services they provide. It’s quite a daunting task to select the best deal from such a vast collection of airfares. You definitely need a systematic foolproof system that will remove all your confusions while finding the best deal on airfares at exceptional prices.

You can visit the various multi-purpose travel sites online where you can find flight tickets at cheaper and discount prices. You can choose the particular airline that serves the destination you want to visit. This is your one-stop shopping zone for cheaper airfares.

However don’t be too hasty in deciding right away on a deal at these travel sites when you need a still better bargain. A few low-cost carriers such as JetBlue, Southwest and Independence Air are sometimes not included in the price list of these travel sites and you might just lose a better deal if you ignore these. So it’s advisable that you search on for better and cheaper deals until you find one that suits you perfectly.

Cheap Airfare

You can check out the official websites of some top low-cost airlines directly. Most airlines offer special discounts, attractive travel packages and cash-saving frequent-flier miles that are not applicable when you book their services through any travel site/online travel agent. Also, you can avoid paying the extra charges that some online travel sites add on to your ticket prices as a fee for their services.

To make the job of finding the best prices on airfares online, search engine tools such as Kayak, SideStep, Mobissimo and Airfare have been devised. These advanced search tools minutely surf the numerous travel sites and airline home sites for cheaper and discount airfares and aggregate all such discount price lists in one place within seconds. By comparing the different prices you are sure to land up with the best deal.

While looking for cheaper airfares you should avoid booking the tickets over the phone through a booking agent. There are some airlines that charge extra for this service.

You can also grab a good deal on last-minute bookings of your air tickets. Sometimes if you are lucky you can get the lowest prices ever on such last-minute flight bookings. You can check out for such last-minute specials.

If you are a travel freak then you can sign up to avail newsletters from various travel sites that will regularly keep you updated about special discounts and cheaper airfare packages.

Make sure before you leave you take all the precautions you can. Thieves can at times target people that are going on vacation. Try not to update your social media before you return, all your pictures and updates look just fine when your safely back at home. Prior to leaving have a handyman do all needed upgrades to your home to ensure when you return your house will be as you left it.